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Project funded by the Economic Development Agency (EDA)
File 04-10-LE-0027
“Biotechnological applications in aquaculture: improving shrimp farming”.
(2010 - 2012). Investment: € 108,031.98.
Two main objectives:
1/ Find a compound produced by bacteria or marine fungi with antibiotic capacity versus Streptococcus uberis, which infects shrimp populations both in field crops and intensive ones. Biomar isolated a compound with antibiotic capacity against this bacterium.
2/ Microalgae as alternative shrimp food, instead of the usual fish based flours.
Biomar has selected a microalga from its collection which you could replace half of the proteins from usual sources, present in traditional animal feed.
The use of this microalga increased the shrimp coloration making it more appealing. In addition, this microalga feeding decreased by 10% the amount of cholesterol in Pennaeus japonicus. The organoleptic properties of shrimp remained without changes.
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