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Project funded by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Economy
and Competitiveness from the Gorvernment of Spain.
File INC-TU-2011-1848
“Discovery of new molecules from marine samples with pharmacological and enzymatic activity without isolation and culture of the producing microorganisms”.
(From 11/14/2011 to 05/15/2014). Investment: € 74.600.

Analyze metagenomic libraries previously initiated in our company  and design and execution of new libraries from samples of extreme environments searching for new secondary metabolites and enzymatic activities of interest.

The first objective is to continue with the work initiated in our company on metagenomics. This approach allow us to access to the genes of the immense variety of organisms present in every sample of marine sediment or soil without the  isolation and growth of  microorganisms . We will obtain the gene clusters  and we will introduce them, by genetic engineering techniques, into reference microorganisms that can be grown easily in the laboratory.

To increase the number of  our libraries and the strengthening of this line of research in our company is the second objective of the project.

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