Microbial inhibitors of the kinase activity of NIK protein for the treatment
of immune diseases (INMUNIK)
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)  and the Agency of Investment and Services (ADE)
File 604/10/LE/002
"Selection  of inhibitors of NIK protein activity:
Selection of positive compounds from the compounds of AQUAc collection
and their studies in living mice". (2010-2012).
Fianciación: € 103,790.50.


There ir a huge number of human diseases which affect the immune system and specifically with a very pronounced activity of the protein encoded by the NIK gene (kinase activity induced by the Kappa Nuclear factor- Inducing Kinase). This protein is involved in process associated to the rejection of transplanted organs.
The objectives of this project are:

1/ Search for a inhibitor compounds of NIK, from a 400 compounds previously selected of the AQUAc Biomar collection,  though "in vitro" studies.

2/ Secondary assays of the candidate selection in animal models. Efficacy studies of  selected compounds on mice models.

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