GPCR inhibitors (Cancer)
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Based on the specific inhibition of different GPCRs (G-protein coupled cell receptors). Our collaborator is Canvax.
New treatments for Glioblastoma (Cancer)
We are studying pre-selected compounds that show activity against glioblastoma cells in cancer stem cell models. This research is being carried out though a collaboration with a North American university.
Wnt/β-catenin pathway inhibitors (Cancer)
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This is a fundamental pathway in a number of tumours for which there are currently no treatment options. Our collaborator is the Biomedical Research Institute in Madrid.
Kinase Inhibitors (Cancer)
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In collaboration with the Cancer Research Centre in Salamanca, we have identified more than 30 compounds that inhibit kinases.
Anti-tumour cytotoxic drugs (Cancer)
We are looking for compounds with good activity against tumour cells and a large therapeutic window in comparison with normal cells.
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